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How to buy a used car in Cyprus? (2017)

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It's not easy finding the right information, especially when you're unfamiliar with the local laws and regulations. With this in mind, we'll try our best to keep this article up-to-date.
Here we will go over the main points of buying a vehicle in Cyprus, from choosing, testing and paying to the legal requirements and paperwork. Click one of the titles below to jump to a specific section:

Deciding which vehicle to look for

You probably have a rough idea of what you're looking for already, but let's run through a few points which may be valuable to you:

  • Do you plan to go off-road?
  • Do you plan to carry more than 1 passenger?
  • Do you need plenty of boot space?
  • Will you drive mostly on the highways or arount the villages?
  • Do you prefer good fuel economy over speed and performance?
Akamas Peninsula Dirt Roads

Though it's unlikely that you'll be rallying through a jungle, there are plenty of lovely places to visit which take you down bumpy and rocky dirt roads. Akamas Peninsula, for example, offers some breathtaking views along its x km long dirt road from Paphos to Polis. Whilst a Land Rover isn't required to tacle the torrain, a small hatchback would struggle with the low ground clearence.

You should also consider the annual running costs as well as just the purchase price. Older vehicles tend to use more fuel and emit more cO2, meaning higher road tax rates. Take that into condiseration too when you are looking for a used car.

Once you've decided what you're looking for, it's a simple case of searching for your next car right here on AutoCar Cyprus, where we feature both Private AND Dealership listings.

Negotiating the best deal

This part is usually fun. Richard Branson once said, "Everything is negotiable in Business". With that in mind, let's start negotiating the purchase of your next car.
There are plenty of vehicles to choose from, so there's no need to settle for the first one you see. Make sure it's right for you, and the price is right too.
Dealerships will expect you to haggle a bit on the price. However, remember that it's not just the price of the vehicle that can be negotiated. You could try for an extra service or product to the thrown in with the deal too. Let's see an example:

I'm looking at a 2008 BMW 5 Series and the dealership wants 5,000 euros. I live in Larnaca but the vehicle is located in Nicosia. So here I have something to work with:
Me: I will offer you 4,000 euros in cash for it?
Dealer: I think 4,500 is reasonable for this car
Me: OK, I will pay 4,500 BUT you deliver it to me in Larnaca and have the oil changed before it leaves?

Right there the dealership would have probably accepted the offer. The dealership is happy that he didn't go all the way down to 4,000. You only got 500 off the price, but you've also gained about 250 euros of free services to go with it. That's what we call a win-win!

Change of Ownership at the DoRT (Department of Road Transport)

Buying from a dealership, they should carry out the paper work for you. However, if buying privately, that will be up to you.

You will need:

  • Passport, Drivers License or Government Issued (photo) ID
  • Yellow Slip (if applicable) or Proof of Address
  • Current vehicle log book
  • Proof of Insurance (minimum of 3 months coverage)
  • Current Road Tax
  • Valid MOT Certificate
  • Form TOM 9B filled out and stamped by a certifying officer (read below)
Department Of Road Transport Cyprus Logo

You DO NOT have to be a resident to purchase a car in Cyprus, however, if you are not a resident you must provide proof of address here in Cyprus. This could be a recent utility bill, a rental contract or title deeds (if you own your home). If you ARE a resident with a Yellow Slip or National ID, you must take it with you to the DoRT. A Cypriot Drivers License is generally preferred above other forms of identification.

Insurance (Minimum 3 Months)

You will need to prove that the vehicle is insured (minimum third party) with the insurance document in YOUR NAME. The document should prove insurance for a minimum duration of 3 months from the date you present it. Most insurance companies will offer 4 Months insurance coverage with this is mind.

Certifying The Change Of Ownership form (TOM 9B)

The seller of the vehicle must present the form with his/her government issued ID to a certifying officer for validation. Vertifying offers can be found in Town Halls, several police stations and at the DoRT itself. In some cases, the seller may have already had the form signed and stamped in anticipation of the sale, in which case you may go alone to carry out the registration process. Otherwise, the seller will have to come with you to have their information and the form certified at the DoRT. In both cases, it's recommended for both parties to attend regardless, in case of any issues which may arise.

The vehicle in good standing

The vehicle itself MUST have a valid Road Worthyness (MOT) certificate as well as the road tax having been paid. Should any amount be owed on the vehicle (road tax or existing fines, for example), you'll be given the opportunity to pay it off there and then. In th event that Road Tax has not been paid for 3 years or more, the vehicle registration will have been nulled, causing a long, expensive and complicated process to re-register it.


It has been reported that the DoRT occasionally ask for documents relating to other vehicles you may own. If you do own another vehicle in Cyprus, you should take the documentation for it with you to the DoRT.
Take all the documentation you have relating to yourself and the vehicle, Just in case!

HINT: Don't expect "service with a smile" at the DoRT.

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