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"A vehicle inspection can help identify any hidden problems you may not be aware of, which could lead to costly repairs."

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When buying a used vehicle here in Cyprus, you may (in fact, should) have questions about it's condition, other than what you can see on the surface. Most sellers will let you book the car for an inspection or agree to have a mobile inspection performed at their home. If the seller hesitates, you might want to consider the words of's automotive editor Tom Torbjornsen: "You have to wonder what they're hiding."

Did you know?
More than 39% of vehicles tested would not pass their next MOT?

The Cyprus climate and bumpy roads can take its toll on a vehicle, so you need to insure that it has been well cared for and well maintained.

Why should I book a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Buying used is a risky business, even for the mechanically savvy. Imagine spending thousands on a car that looks amazing, just to find out later that it's unsafe, or needs many repairs, costing you thousands once again. Most buyers insist on a Pre-Purchase Inspection, asking themselves:

  • Is it safe to drive my family in?
  • Will it pass its next MOT?
  • Will it break down and cost me a fortune in repairs?
  • Has it been in an accident, and had the repairs done unprofessionally?
  • Is the seller hiding something under the bonnet?
  • Should I really buy this car?
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Ultimately, it's your decision, and your risk.

Nothing makes us happier than signing off a car with no issues. However, this is not always the case. As independent professionals, we only give an honest report for our findings, eliminating a huge chunk of the risk of buying a used vehicle. For example, you can pick up a lovely 2001 BMW E39 for around €1000. The cost of replacing a faulty (or nearly faulty) automatic gearbox is an estimated €880. In this case, it will not be worth repairing, and you'll only get around €50 for scrap value. This can result in a huge loss.

A typical Pre-Purchase Inspection checks 77 parameters of the vehicle, and is carried out at the vehicle location, at the keepers' convenience. He/She who ordered the inspection will receive a full and detailed report of the findings and analysis within just 24 hours of the inspection taken place.

What the Inspection Covers?

Approx. 3KM Road Test



Steering & Suspension


Wheels & Tyres

Body, Paint & Windows


Fluid Levels

Presence of Documentation


A total of 77 points are checked in the above categories

What the Inspection DOES NOT Cover?

Dismantling of ANY parts

External testing of ANY parts

Financial Valuation

Legal Reports or Police Reports

The report will be given based on a professional inspection of the vehicle by a certified Mechanic who is trained in these areas. However, as no parts will be dismantled for testing, the report is based on what the professional can see. The final report provides no warrantee on the vehicle, but can be used to warrantee though an insurance company (where applicable)

How I book a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

If you are planning to purchase the vehicle in question, you should first contact the seller to arrange the inspection. It is recommended not to start negotiation of the vehicle until you have received our report. If the seller does not agree to the inspection, then unfortunately we cannot help. Make him/her aware that we carry out only independant inspections at their location, at their convenience. They even have the opportunity to employ our services directly.

When agreed, you may proceed by clicking the "Order Now" button below. You will need to pay the corresponding fee securely using any major credit/debit card. A receipt will be sent instantly via email. Then simply enter the details required (Make, Model, Vehicle Location, Seller Contact Number etc). We will contact the vehicles keeper to organise a convenient time for inspection (always within 48 hours).

Within a maximum time of 24 hours, you will receive your detailed report and analysis via email. You will have the opportunity to contact the professional who carried out the inspection should you have any question about the report.

It really is that simple.

Order an Independent Pre-Purchase Inspection Now

Basic Inspection
77 Point Inspection & Test Drive
ONLY €129.99
Advanced Inspection
Advanced 146 Point inspection
Coming Soon


You MUST contact the owner/keeper (if not you) of the vehicle before ordering, to insure that he/she will allow us to carry out the inspection. We ONLY provide this service for the following vehicle types: SUV, SEDAN, COUPE, CONVERTIBLE, HATCHBACK, MPV. We DO NOT inspect commercial vehicles, motorbikes, vans or busses. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the paid amount be refunded regardless of the report of the vehicle. Please insure you have read our full Terms & Conditions of this service before the purchase.

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