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REVIEW: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

  • REVIEW: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio
  • REVIEW: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio
  • REVIEW: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio
REVIEW: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio thumbREVIEW: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio thumbREVIEW: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio thumb

In my opinion, there should be a law against road testing an Italian car in Germany, but since there isn't I'm going to. My first impression of the Quadrifoglio is one of pure beauty. This is a car you could just sit and look at for hours on end, and being an Alfa Romeo, that's probably what you'll end up doing.

Despite having a name that nobody can pronounce, the new Alfa sure has made its mark on the driving world since its introduction in 2016. Alfa seems to think that the Quadrifoglio will be a strong competitor for BMW's M3 or the Mercedes C-Class AMG. With 507BHP, I wondered if it can actually handle its power on normal roads.

Power attached to the road

There's no doubt that the Alfa saloon have kept their Italian styling with the interior. Everything feels amazing to touch and very well designed. That said, it doesn't hold nearly enough technology as the BMW alternative, and isn't quite as lovely as the Merc AMG. Like both of its competitors, Quadrifoglio is only available in Automatic with paddle-shift gears. This comes as a bit of a disappointment for most petrol-heads. This leaves us with handling and speed:

  • 2.9 Turbocharged V6
  • 507BHP
  • Rear-Wheel-Drive
Power attached to the road

Well the stats sure do sound good, somewhat more exciting than the Merc. The sound of the engine is just bliss too with a strong whiff of excitement on start-up that only Alfa have historically delivered. This, however, is where the excitement ends:

It seems that Alfa just couldn't get rid of Turbo-Lag, something that the Germans have done for several years.This leaves a big problem when it comes to handling, especially when the turbo kicks in around the corners. The Traction-Control may as well have been left out completely and the front end appears to not like the road at all. It's rare to get under-steer in a RWD car. If, however, you drive sensibly, the Quadrifoglio is smooth and sophisticated, almost reminding me of the M3's of the past.

There's no doubt in my mind that the Quadrifoglio is a fantastic car. I find myself wanting one but I'm not sure why. It's drastically pretty and sounds amazing. As a car and especially s an Alfa Romero, it's fantastic! As a competitor to BMW, Audi and Mercedes? Unfortunately not!
Many thanks to Auto Palazzo GmbH Stuttgart for allowing me to drive his amazing sports saloon.

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